Shamim Hossain

Above pictures are my Winter.
I love to capture image from both side :)
I don't allow to capture pictures from direct front :P
Comment which one the best you think :)

Shamim Hossain


My Cute Cat____ SAS


How to Remove "Powered By Blogger" attribute from your Blogger blog?

This is very simple.
Just follow my instructions ..........
1. go to
2. click on "Theme"
3. Click on "Edit HTML"
4. Press Ctrl+ F and find <head>
5. past below codes below the <head>

<style> #Attribution1 { display: none; } </style>
6. Then click on "Save"
Done !

This was a Listening time of Song With A Headphone

Quality Headphones will make your face gorgeous and also the output sounds of song is so much amazing so on!

Shamim in White Black

Sometimes white black editing make a face different from real colorful image. This is the example mine:)  And when eyes are turn off_____it makes me totally different from general look.